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VICO Studio

What started as helping other footwear brands turned into a different branch within VICO Movement since 2018. With VICO Studio we provide sourcing, research, development and design services for start-up and established (footwear) brands.

We operate as a footwear studio, covering all areas of the footwear industry, from research to production. With a strong focus on constructions, pattern and proportions we are able to develop a footwear collection that our client wants to create.

We custom fit our services to our clients, not te other way around. Our mission is to assist the client from concept to reality.

Our activities include among others.

Sourcing and research

VICO Studio is in constant contact with the best material suppliers in Europe. Connections range from component suppliers (soles, footbeds, etc), textile manufacturers to the best leather tanneries. With access to different footwear factories, a factory matching to your needs can be found.


We can assist brands and companies in the whole design process, with a flexible approach. VICO Studio can take care of every detail of the design process such as: sketching, technical drawings, line drawings and patterns.

Product development

This stage is all about turning the concepts and drawings into real prototypes. Taking into account the relationship between design and craftmanship and the needs of the industrial process. Prototypes will be adjusted and modified untill it meets the requirements of the client.


After all parties have approved the prototypes, production can start. We can assist in all aspects of production such as production planning, packaging procedures and quality control.


If you would like to get in touch with VICO Studio please send an e-mail to info@vico-movement. You can also reach us by calling +31 (0)6 16 28 66 29. To see more of our consultancy work visit our instagram page: @thevicostudio



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