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VICO is an European footwear brand founded in 2012, created with passion between Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Montebelluna (Italy) and Porto (Portugal). All our shoes are handmade in Portugal, crafted from European quality leathers.

VICO is inspired by travelling and neighbourhoods from around the globe and driven by what is ahead. VICO's name is derived from 'vicus'. Latin for 'in the street' or 'in the neighbourhood'. Every neighbourhood has its own story and we draw on this everyday life for inspiration.

Our aim is to serve the global citizen with a distinctive attitude and make their journey to new destinations even better. VICO is a movement created by independent minds seeking to MOVE FORWARD and resist the usual.

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Right from the very beginning, our design values have been led by distinctive design, an obsession with details, comfort and European Quality.


VICO is Made in Europe. Our design and development takes place in both The Netherlands (Rotterdam) and Italy (Montebelluna), the shoes are handmade in Portugal (Porto). We take our inspiration from inspirational neighbourhoods and all its aspects from around the globe.


Our shoes are handmade in a family-owned factory nearby Porto in Portugal. This family of shoemakers has been making shoes for several generations. This family manufactures shoes with the same passion as we do for creativity, authenticity and eye for detail.


Our approach for materials is simple: Quality products originate from quality materials. We have a preference for natural materials in terms of production, look and finish. We use European quality leathers only.


We believe that "consciousness" should not just be a trend. Because little steps can make a huge difference, we are proud to tell you that our footbed consists of 100% recycled material and that all our packaging is made out of recycled material. We are not saving the world, but we do try to make it a bit better.

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