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Right from the very beginning, our values have been led by distinctive design, an obsession to detail, comfort and European quality. We take our artistic influence from inspirational neighbourhoods and places from around the globe.

Since the launch of VICO we have never explained the story behind our four circles, which are closely related to our core and design values within VICO.

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The core values that are reflected in the four circles are:

Move Forward and resist the usual. We have a forward-looking perspective. Not driven by the past but by what is ahead of us. Taking into account the changes, which we are about to face. Not being bound to the past forces VICO to move forward.

Made In Europe. VICO is making a product that is a 100% European. Developed in The Netherlands and Italy combined with production in Portugal. European quality and a honest and controllable production process is what we care about. Our product is our pulse.

Urban Eco Lifestyle. We take responsibility in having a conscious way of producing our handmade products. We are using a 100% recycled footbed in our shoes, recycled packaging and we use natural European leathers.

Global Neighbourhoods. This is where innovative ideas originate and grow. The future is on the street and VICO is inspired by all the transitions that take place around the globe. Our styles are named after neighbourhoods which have inspire us.

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The tree rings have inspired the different widths of the circles, in our opinion the tree rings stand for a natural aspect of growth and adapting to a changing environment over time. When designing the first VICO collection it was difficult to transcribe the logo onto our shoes. Our first style called the NOGA does not have the branded eyelet on the shoe.

After many brainstorming sessions the design team had been analyzing the shape of tree rings and we decided to incorporate this as a branded eyelet. Giving us a distinctive branding in a simplistic and minimalistic way.

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