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Voetbed 3

The features and characteristics of our footbed

You are either in your bed or in your shoes, so it pays to invest in both” is a famous quote by English shoemaker John Wildsmith. The process of making handmade footwear involves numerous steps and the quality components define a shoe.

The footbed accomplishes many number of purposes such as, including daily wear comfort, extra cushioning and to help deal with differences in the natural shape during standing or walking. All these purposes were considered and extensively tested when developing our footbed.


Our removable footbed features proper arch support, extra thickness on the heel area for improved cushioning and shock absorption. On the front part of the footbed we have added flex-lines to improve flexibilty. These features all help to distribute weight evenly for the entire foot. The result is imporoved posture and balance for greater comfort when walking.


The material of our footbed consist of Arneflex® foam combined with recycled rubber elements this is an innovative product developed and produced by Arneplant in La Rioja, Spain. Arneflex® is the new high-density open-cell foam with improved breathability and absorption capabilities that prevents thermal sensitivity and has antibacterial components to eliminate unwanted odors. The recycled rubber elements provide extra strenght to the foam.

The material is then molded (pressed into its final shape) in a specialised footbed factory where after the molding process the leather lining and branding are applied on top of the footbed.

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