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The bellhop, more than just a hotel

The bellhop recently opened its doors in Rotterdam after a couple years of extensive preparation. This hotel is created by close VICO friend Franton Maria and his childhood friends Zetsia Lobo and Yu-Meng Braumuller. The bellhop is where Scandinavian design merges with Caribbean colourfulness. A perfect location to capture our latest arrivals.

v88 Bellhop
v102 Luca
v93 Bellhop
68 Franton kijken naar buiten

Their idea to open a restaurant began ten years ago. But it wasn't until two years ago that this was brought back to life after they noticed a for rent sign on a building located on a key location, the "Witte de Withstraat", in the heart of the vibrant city of Rotterdam. A street well known for its art scene and dynamic nightlife.

Without any hesitation and with tireless dedication they seized the opportunity and transformed this old and dilapidated building into a comfy local boutique hotel and restaurant. The bellhop offers a temporary home to a new breed of travelers, who are conscious about their impact on the planet and the communities they visit. Which are shared values with VICO.

Franton, Zetsia and Yu-Meng are cosmopolitan characters who love the spontaneity of an uncharted journey. The bellhop kitchen & bar captures both the warmth of a home and the flair of urban city life. Grab a seat at the bar of the corner cafe and watch city life fly by the beautifully preserved facade of the building. Even the bar is lowered to give you that "kitchen table feeling".

v93 tafel van boven
v83 Franton lezend beneden

Location: The bellhop, Witte de Withstraat 77, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (

Photography: Joey van Dongen (

Franton Maria (@frantonmaria)

The Good People Fashion | Pannekoekstraat 50a, Rotterdam, The Netherlands



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