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From discovering VICO in his home town to designing and making the first ever VICO accessories collection, meet Davis Martina who is also starting up his own brand called Davousz.

Tell us someting about your background and where you grew up?

I'm originally from Curaçao, an island in the South Caribbean Sea, where I lived until I was fifteen years old. Growing up I was different from the other kids. I always choose my own path and focused on sports, music and fashion from a young age. The presence of my father was important in shaping me and I helped him around the house, building and fixing things. This is where I obtained my pratical hands on mentality and a preference for working with my hands and creating physical things.

On Curaçao I started studying electronical technology When we moved to Holland for a better future I continued my studies but the world of fashion kept calling me. I dropped electronical technology for fashion because within this field I really had the feeling I could create from scratch so I started drawing, designing and now here I am.

What was your first encounter with VICO?

Before I found and fell in love with VICO footwear I was looking for something different, something that nobody had or few people owned. I used to spend a lot on clothing but couldn’t really find the shoes I was looking for. Something with a distinctive style and an independent mindset like me. Then I saw the VICO style NOGA in a local store in my home town of Tilburg. I bought two pairs of the same colour. The combination of Sky Blue/Cognac which is a timeless colour combination. The rest is history - I now own fifteen pairs of VICO shoes!

When I visited the VICO shop Franton Maria, who is also from Curaçao, introduced me to Kevin van Wijk, the Creative Director of VICO. From the beginning we started brainstorming about VICO bags and accessories that could be made in Holland. After several tests and prototypes it is time to launch this collection and we are very excited.

On which points do you share your design values with VICO?

Ironically VICO and I share a lot of the same design values. It all starts with the materials and the idea that quality products originate from quality materials, this is the base. This is why we use premium Italian vegetal tanned leather for example. What we can see in VICO footwear with its sharp and distinctive lines is what we are aiming for with the accessories as well. This “design line” (lines of patterns) in a brand like VICO holds everything together and brings balance and that's the way I design too. Finding the right balance between simplicity and functionality is what I am constantly looking for as well.

What is the concept behind this first ever VICO accessoires collection?

Creating timeless, quality pieces is what I strive for which is not dissimilar to what VICO is doing with its footwear collections. Traveling and discovering new places is a true inspiration for me as well. Whether accessories are in your hand or in your pocket, it’s always on the move. Protecting your valuable belongings and facing the numerous challenges of your day to day commute and travels. These accessories represent straightforward, functional and durable design crafted from premium materials by myself that showcase only what is strictly necessary. Nothing more, nothing less.

What are your ambitions with you brand Davousz?

I used to dream about being the biggest and the best but as I find my way in this industry I see there's a long way to go. I strive for perfection and quality products. Taking it one step at the time to eventually leave my mark behind but for now I will see where this journey takes me and enjoy every moment of it.

More information about Davis Martina and his starting brand Davousz:

Instagram: @Davousz
Facebook: @Davousz



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