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Swiss native Patrizia Kummer has been pushing boundaries for many years in snowboarding, which resulted in a gold medal at the Sotsji Winter Olympics in 2014. Patrizia Kummers showed us around Zurich.

Who is Patricia Kummer?

I’m an active person with a strong need for movement. I love to laugh but I’m also really focused and goal-oriented. I’m self confident and open to new things.

VICO Profiles: Patrizia Kummer
VICO Profiles: Patrizia Kummer

How was your youth, where did you grow up and how did you get involved in snowboarding?

I grew up in the middle of the Swiss Alps, in the area with the most sunny days in Switzerland. So I was always outside playing and doing a lot of different sports. But it was always clear for me that my passion is the snow. My whole family is sport orientated. So one day my parents decided that we all should learn how to snowboard because we all could ski very well. That was kind of a "family mission" and I happened to get stuck with snowboarding although I still love to ski.

Prati | Maroon
Prati | Maroon
Prati | Maroon

What are the ideal training conditions for you?

I don’t think that there are ideal training conditions for every day. It is ideal if you can say at the end of the day that you have learned something. I’m doing an outside action sport. So we are dependent on the weather and snow conditions. It is simply a question to make the best out of the situation and that is really fascinating. I can still learn and experience so many things.

What inspires you to push your boundaries every time?

I’m a really curious person. I love to try out new things, new technics on the board. I love to try out what is possible on the snowboard. For me the most exciting thing in alpine snowboarding is the speed you can accelerate to but you have only one edge to control it. In competitions we are racing each other in a parallel system. You just have to be faster than your opponent.

VICO Profiles: Patrizia Kummer
Burano | Burgundy

What is your connection with Zürich?

Most of the time when I’m in Zurich it is for events or with sponsors. And I’m usually flying from Zurich. It is one of the best airports I know. I really like Zurich. It is the biggest city in Switzerland and it combines its own identity and internationality in an awesome way.

What are the places you like in Zürich

I’m a curious person so I love to try out new restaurants or coffee shops. But something I really love in Zurich is the Viadukt district. I like the architecture there and there are all these little stores and coffee shops next to a small park. Another awesome location is the Landiwiese. It is next to the lake and there are always a lot of things and events going on.

Union | Denim Grey/Black
VICO Profiles: Patrizia Kummer
Union | Denim Grey/Black



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