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Bordeaux tones at Het Statencafé

Restoring the grandeur envisioned by renowned architect Jo van den Broek, het Statencafé in Rotterdam Blijdorp is a modern take on a grand café style restaurant. With its timeless decor the establishment is a home away from home. A small library in the corner, a cosy backroom up the stairs, a sunny south facing terrace and a proper bar fitting a cafe as grand as this. We could not ask for a better location to capture our two Luca's with Bordeaux tones.

Wim de Klerk (pictured in this editorial) and Sven Beijk wanted to create a familiar place where you'd like to sit down with a newspaper and a cup of coffee and watch the day go by. As Het Statencafé has put together a menu serving all time classics for breakfast, lunch and diner it has become a refuge to people from the neighborhood at any time of day.

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These Luca colourways are tinged with rich shades of Bordeaux. This colour is known as an elegant and sober colour that refers to passion and vigor. The shade of Bordeaux refers to different shades of dark reds whose variability is discreet. The colour Bordeaux is reminiscent of the harvesting of grapes in France's most renowned wine-growing region, thus marking its essence and from which it receives its name.

The unique trait of the colour Bordeaux is the ability to combine it with different colours. Combining this tone with dark colours such as Navy will create a "warm" look whereas accompanied by a neutral palette ranging from grays to hints of beige also belongs to the possibilities. If light tones are added to its colouring, it generates a touch of sophistication. This versatility makes these two Luca's suited for all year wear, no matter the season.


Location: Het Statencafé, Statenweg 134 D, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (

Photography: Joey van Dongen (

Photographed: Wim de Klerk

The Good People Fashion, Pannekoekstraat 50, Rotterdam, The Netherlands



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