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Lex Pott Studio visit

Through an intuitive and experimental approach to natural materials, Dutch designer Lex Pott creates captivating and beautiful objects that explore the boundaries between art and design while pushing the material to its limits. We visited his studio and asked him a few questions.

Who is Lex Pott? And how did your journey in the world of Design begin?

I come from an artist family. My father was a painter and my mother a sculptor. In short, plenty of artistic appreciation and many museum visits. I have always experienced this as very pleasant. However, it was also difficult to live as an artist. When I finished high school and was considering becoming an artist, someone pointed me to the Design Academy Eindhoven: Applied Art. This is what I wanted to do. The best of both worlds and bridging the gap between artistic expression and the application of the requested objects. Been a good choice so far.

When did you decide to start your own design studio and why?

After graduating from the Design Academy Eindhoven, I first worked at several Design Studios for several years. Here I could see how things were working and how the profession was practiced. After a few years I wanted to take the chance to start my own studio. So far, I am very satisfied with it.

You design many different types of products (from candles to tables), how do you keep focus?

Everything originates from making and trying. Experimenting with materials, shape, and fun. These principles can be applied to various products. If the colours, shapes or material properties are there, I can translate that into many types of products.

Where do you get your inspiration for creating new products?

Honestly, inspiration is hard work and study. It doesn't come out of the blue by itself. It also has a lot to do with routine for me. By looking at the same things differently I get ideas.

What does this space in Rotterdam mean for you and your company?

A lot. Space dictates how you work. I opted for a warehouse with storage space combined with a workshop area for experimentation and an office for cleaner work and scaling models. This space gives me all the freedom to experiment and translate it into products.

What is a product that you would really like to make?

Ooh, crockery, table glass, a shoe, clothes and a bicycle. I honestly don't know. Often the most fun question is to think about something that I wouldn't think about myself.

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People from Japan, France and Italy work in your design studio. Is there a reason you have such an international group working for you?

I enjoy working with different people with different perspectives. Design is about a universal language with different angles. I value the opinion of people I work with. Sharing the results of experiments often lead to better results.

What future plans do you have for your studio?

I would like to work more for the mass market. Real applied design. Accessible to everyone. Democratic design. I am happy with the way things are going right now. I do not want to retire later. I really enjoy my work, so I would always have like a shed or studio to work from.


More information about Lex Pott,

Photography: Joey van Dongen (

Clothing: The Good People Fashion, Pannekoekstraat 50, Rotterdam, The Netherlands



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