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The Altona is one of our key styles and developed because we wanted to create a shoe which could be worn all year long and where a combination of disctinctive design and simplicity meet. When designing and creating a new style we always consider the functionality, proportions and aesthetics.

The Altona is constructed from a single piece of leather on the toe and side. This minimises the use of stiching and different layers of leather, which results in a very comfortable fit and over time the shoe adapts to the shape of the foot like a glove.

The clean aesthetic and timeless aspect make this style perfectly suited for wearing in all situations from sportive to smart casual.

Over time the shoe has been produced in different types of leather such as vegetal tanned leather, reversed suede and embossed natural leather. All the leathers are sourced from Italy and Portugal and the shoes are made by hand in Portugal, which makes it truly a Made In Europe product. As with all our shoes the Altona has a 100% recycled footbed.

We name our shoes after neighbourhoods and places from around the world which inspire us. Altona is a neighbourhood in Hamburg (Germany) and just like the shoe this neighbourhood is known for being distinctive and authentic.

You can buy our Altona collection now by clicking on the pictures below.

Product: Altona
Product: Altona

First ever sketch of the Altona.

First proportion test of the line drawing on the Altona last and sole.



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