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We are joining forces with Sympany. The Urban Eco Lifestyle is one of our Design Values and we believe that consciousness should not just be a trend. Small steps can make a big difference.

In order to reduce our carbon footprint and improve the lives of other people, we are setting up the VICO x Sympany Care program. This is how it works:

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The customer sends his/her used VICO shoes to the VICO Shop (Goudsesingel 60, 3011 KD, Rotterdam) and includes a note with his/her name, address and E-mail. Of course, the shoes can also be physically handed in at the VICO Shop.

2. Discount

In return, the customer receives a one-off 10% discount on his/her next VICO purchase. A personalized promo code will be sent by e-mail or physically given when the shoes are taken to the shop. A Promo Code will be given per shipment, not per pair.

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3. Collecting & Preparing

The VICO Team will clean and prepare the shoes for hand over to Sympany. VICO does not receive any payment from Sympany.

4. Pick-Up

Sympany collects the shoes from the VICO pick-up point

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5. Sorting & Categorize

Sympany decides which shoes can be re-used (step 6) and which ones need to recycled (step 7).

6. Re-using

These shoes are distributed among organizations and people in need. Sympany runs different projects, such as schools for shoemakers in Malawi and projects with the Red Cross. If you want information about current projects or for more details, please send an e-mail to

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7. Recycling

VICO shoes which can no longer be worn are disassembled by experts. The raw materials are recycled wherever possible. You’re not only converting waste products but you are also converting your shoes into value-added products, helping to create economic development around the world. Most importantly, this reduces waste in landfills and cuts down VICO's carbon footprint.

8. Reinvesting

Revenues generated by Sympany will be reinvested in projects in Africa and India. Sustainability and self-reliance are central to the projects that Sympany supports.

For more information you can check out the Sympany website ( or send an e-mail with all of your questions to We will be glad to tell you more about this project.



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