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Hannah Tervoren | Picture

VICO Profiles | Hanna Tervoren, Barcelona

Leaving her native Finland to pursue her dream to make it as a professional dancer/choreographer Hanna Tervoren showed us around her Urban Oasis in Barcelona.

Tell us someting about your background and where you grew up?

I grew up in a small village called Simpele, in Finland. My parents live a little bit outside of the village; our house is literally in the woods. For a kid it is the perfect place to grow up. I always played a lot outside and had quite a lot of freedom. I could spend all day playing and running around the fields and basically when it got too dark and cold to be outside I would run back home for dinner and a sauna. When I started school I got more friends of course but they lived in the centre of the village. When I turned 15 I wanted to leave the village because I had discovered dancing, so I begged my parents until they let me move to a nearby ”city” to go to a highschool and dance in the local dance studio. After three years I wanted something more so I moved to the capital, Helsinki and after two years of just working and dancing I decided I want something even bigger, to see the world and get a degree so I ended up in Barcelona.

Why did you choose to move to Barcelona/ What makes Barcelona unique for you?

After some research I went to an audition in Barcelona for a one year program and got in. After that first year I just kind of fell in love with the city. It’s not too big but big enough to not get bored, you also have the beach and the mountains.Basically I just loved how chilled and positive the vibe is here, compared to Finland. And good quality fruits and vegetables all year around!

What do you do in your daily life (tell us something about your job and university)?

Well the University (Institut del Teatre. Diputació de Barcelona) takes almost all of my time. We have theory classes like art history and anatomy and then more practical ones like ballet, contemporary and composition. All of them contain quite a lot of work to do at home so I’m working at the moment only part time at this vintage shop but I really love it. Clothes (recycled) is another passion of mine!

What inspires you?

I find I get inspired by really small things. I’ve always loved to observe details, in human behaviour, environment and art. Also everyday life peculiarities fascinate me, like observing how people walk by when I’m having a coffee at my cafeteria. There’s this funny looking guy who always kind of bounces when he walks. Or how people act when they’re stuck with strangers in an elevator for a few floors and there is this awkward silence and no one knows where to look, if they don’t have their phones of course.

How do you escape your daily busy life and what is your ultimate Urban oasis?

Next to my house there is this inner city garden called ” Jardins de Rubió i Lluch” with orange trees, flowers and a fountain. It’s like a little piece of nature in the middle of the city and it’s also next to my library (Biblioteca de Catalunya). So usually when I need to go the library I go and sit in the sun for a while, listen to some music, write and read. Basically to have this cliché movie moment where you have no deadlines and everything is just relaxed. This Urban Oasis is situated on Carrer del Carme in the neighbourhood of Raval where I live.

How is it living in Raval?

I love Raval. I have been a Raval girl for almost two years now and I enjoy it a lot. There is always life and I think out of the whole of Barcelona the cultural mix is best seen in this area.

You showed us a bar called “El Jardi” which is situated in the middle of your Urban Oasis, why is this place special to you?

This bar is just beautiful, I guess that is it. A terrace with lots of plants, flowers and in the evening these nice little lamps. Aesthetically calming and there’s no big street next to it so its quite quiet and relaxing. Coming from the woods sometimes I just need a brake from the city sounds.

What are your ambitions in Barcelona?

Just to enjoy it, try to finish my studies well and constantly meet new people and do new projects, this is the way how I move forward. Then if I get bored someday I will look for a new city to investigate but for now this is my home.



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