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VICO Profiles | Ines Nepomuceno, Porto

Porto based Illustrator and Graphic Designer Ines Nepomuceno on her city and why it is all about the process.

What is your background and where did you make your first steps as graphic designer?

I grew up in Viseu, a small city in the interior of Portugal. When I turned 18 I moved to Porto to study Graphic Design at the Fine Arts Academy, but it was a random choice. I was not really aware of Graphic Design, I didn’t know how to draw but I was curious about learning.

The Prati
The Prati
The Prati

What inspires you to work in the field of graphic design?

After the Fine Art Academy I started to understand that I was interested in how you can contribute to other areas and think about them through the discipline of Graphic Design. The visual representation of a subject implies drawing, study, method, semiotics, cultural studies, observation and discussion in order to communicate to an audience. I find this process thrilling. I am always working with subjects that I am interested in.

Why did you choose to move to Porto and what makes Porto unique for you?

I came to Porto to study but also so that I could move to a bigger city. Porto, for me, was something between a city and a village. In the city centre you could find a lot of urban voids, old buildings and small cultivated lands. Now the city has changed radically with the touristic boom. There is a pressing need to rethink this city touristic model.

The Burano

Is there a connection between Porto and your work?

I hope there is a connection between Porto and my work. My audience is here as well as my clients. In terms of form I think that it is difficult to distinguish work that is made in Europe. In Porto it is still probably visible by the low budget production and this in turn has a formal influence on the work itself.

How do you escape your daily busy life and what is your ultimate escape?

My favorite escape is still going to the beach, even in the winter. It is an enormous privilege to just walk to the Atlantic Ocean.

The Prati
The Prati

More information about Ines Nepomuceno and her work:

instagram: @ines_nepomuceno_design


The Burano



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