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Eternal Athens

What we love about this city is its contradictions. The quirky, sleek, modern and the ancient all combine to produce a timeless classical elegance with a joyful modern vibrancy. From the stylish north, to the energetic downtown or the laid-back coastal south, Athens is a modern metropolis where a pulsating energy co-exists with a relaxed life. Athens is unconventional, diverse and that is why we feel at ease here and it serves as a big source of inspiration for us.

This editorial was shot at various locations in Athens, so come and join us on our trip through the city that illuminates the mind and the senses.


Anafiotika is a hidden wonder inside the bustling metropolis. Sprawling up the northern slopes of the Acropolis and peeking above the rooftops of Plaka. The Anafiotika is a tiny enclave of steep, cobbled alleyways, whitewashed stone houses reminiscent of villages in the Greek Islands. This area is the result of skilled craftsmen from the Cycladean island of Anafi. It is hard to believe a place like this even exists; a slice of the Greek Islands that is a veritable oasis amid the city noise and hustle.

Panathenaic Stadium

Athens’s Panathenaic Stadium is also known as the Kallimarmaro, which means “made of fine marble,” is the world's only stadium made entirely of marble, from nearby Mount Pendeli. This same brilliant white Pentelic marble can be seen at the monument on the Acropolis. The stadium was built in 1896 for the first modern Olympics. This unique venue and the combination of the Pentelic marble with its uniform, faint yellow tint makes this location shine with a golden hue under sunlight, making it the ideal place to capture some of our athletic inspired styles.


Areopagus hill

The Areopagus is a bare, prominent solid marble hill located opposite the Acropolis. This rocky hill has been the site of many mythical and historical events. Today, it has become a popular place to spend summer evenings watching the sun set as it gives a spectacular view of the city when it lights up at night.



The Zappeion has witnessed the history of Athens for the past 120 years. It has been a key site for some of the nation's most significant moments, and has always been integrally linked to the Olympic Movement. Today the Zappeion is used as a Exhibition Center where you can catch a movie at its historial outdoor cinema of have a drink at the next-door bar, while you can admire this stunning location.



If you are up for escaping the city vibe, then head south for a stylish splash. Many come to Vouliagmeni to enjoy the clean seas and sands leaving behind the city and escaping into Vouliagmeni’s breezy lifestyle. The many coves, well known to locals, offer some of the cleanest waters in the Greek mainland.


Photography & Video: Joey van Dongen (

Models Women:
Anna Despotopoulou (@_annouz)
Nicole Sintihakis (@cocolettasin)
Katerina Panagiotopoulou (@katerinapan)

Models Men:
Romanos Markopoulos (@ronmark_)
Stelios Saltikis (@steliosaltikis)
Orestis Salachas (@salahas13)

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