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Woven denim

Denim is one of the most important parts of our modern-day wardrobe and it comes in a variety of colours, textures and shapes. Visually, its most defining characteristic is its deep blue indigio colour. At VICO we have sourced, looked and tested for many years to find a raw denim which could be used in footwear, but all too often the denim was too sturdy and strong. After years of research we finally found this woven and washed denim and we couldn’t wait to start using it in our styles.

Denim gets its deep indigo blue colour from dipping the natural cotton warp yarn into an indigo dye bath where it gradually turns to a deep blue color. The denim in our shoes was created in the same way. After this intial process the denim itself was cut into small strips and woven which gives this material its unique woven character.

The material is then washed which gives it a soft and comfortable touch and makes it ideal for use in footwear. During the washing process variation in colour can occur because there are many elements such as temperature, properties of the dye itself and irregularities rooted in the human touch during the process. But this results in a unique unevenness found in natural indigo and adds a real two-tone touch to the shoe.

The brera

We have applied this woven denim on two of our styles. Firstly to the Brera. The fabric is applied to the front part of the shoe and has been combined with a matching navy colour natural leather.

Brera | Navy
Shop the brera navy
Shop the brera navy

The Nimes

And secondly we have applied this woven denim material on the Nimes. We chose this name for the shoe because the word denim is thought to have derived from ‘serge de Nimes’. Serge was used to refer to any type of woollen, semi-woollen and silk fabrics, made with twill weave. Denim is thought to be short for ‘de Nimes’ (‘from Nimes’). Furthermore, Nîmes is a town in the south of France and it was an important textile region in the 18th century for materials such as serge (denim).

Nimes | Blue/Light Grey
Nimes | Blue/Light Grey

On the Nimes we combined the woven denim with a reversed Italian suede on the back part of the shoe making it extremely comfortable. Because the suede is reversed it minimises the use of stiching and different layers of leather which results in a very comfortable fit and over time the shoe adapts to the shape of the foot. On the back part of the shoe there is a vegetal tanned leather back strap, as well as on the tongue of the shoe. This design detail is inspired by the leather patches used on denim jeans.

Nimes | Navy/Cognac
Nimes | Navy/Cognac
Nimes | Navy/Cognac
Nimes | Navy/Cognac



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