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In today's tech-driven world, it is often the simplest devices that continue to perform. Like the shoehorn. Shoehorns are a tool that allows footwear to be put on more easily by keeping it open and providing a smooth surface for the foot and heel when entering the shoe.

The important details when it comes to perfect shoehorns are stability, an ergonomic shape, and a lack of sharp edges.

Now, why should we use shoe horns and why are they so efficient?

Shoehorns will effectively prevent damage to the back of your shoes by preserving the shape and structure of the heel. This will expand the lifespan of your shoes. That alone makes the shoehorn an indispensable accessory.

Another thing you should look at it is that using a shoehorn will make your shoes more comfortable. If you constantly put them on incorrectly, you bend the heel counter and this will create discomfort.

And of course you can use them to effortlessly slip your foot in every type of shoe. All in all, shoe horns are our best friends for the daily task of getting ready to head out the door.

The VICO shoehorns are made in the Netherlands by Davis Martina. Our long time friend, VICO customer and most importantly for this matter true leather artisan. All leather applications are made by hand and provide extra grip.

The European quality leathers that we used on our shoehorns are left-over pieces from our footwear production which are too small to use on our shoes. This is an example of efficient use of materials and preventing unnecessary material loss.

The VICO shoehorn will last for decades and are also perfectly suited as a gift.



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